What You Can Do to Help
CCAC can use your help, in any of the following ways:
  • Report symptoms to the CCAC and your local health department (see the CCAC Contacts page.)
  • Write Letters to the Editor of your local newspaper. The optimum length for a letter is 240 words. See Writing Letters to the Editor.
  • Distribute literature - CCAC has a variety of material including flyers, reprints of newspaper articles, and bulletins of upcoming events. Click here for the CCAC Literature page, where you can download pdf files to print.
  • Arrange for an informational meeting by CCAC, or show a video interview Chloramine Concerns with CCAC President Denise Johnson-Kula and Vice-President Linda Corwin.
  • Come to a CCAC meeting or event, call for information.
  • Become involved, join CCAC! Help in the fight to remove chloramine from our water.
  • Publicize this website http://www.www.rouxingpingmu.cn.
  • Donate to CCAC to help cover our expenses. We appreciate any contributions, whatever the amount. Unfortunately, contributions are not tax-deductible. Make checks payable to "CCAC", then mail to Denise Johnson-Kula (CCAC), 6162 Cottle Road, Suite #11, Building B, San Jose, CA 95123.
Contact CCAC
(please include your phone number and mailing address) or call 408 227-5767.