CCAC Board and Organization
CCAC Founded June 30, 2004
CCAC was founded by Denise Johnson-Kula and joined by eleven other individuals to discuss and take action on adverse health effects from chloramine which was added to the Hetch Hetchy water distribution system in February 2004. There are four elected executive officers and a governing board of members. CCAC represents a growing membership of people on the Hetch Hetchy water system who have been affected by chloramine as well as those concerned or interested in the chloramine issue and those who want to help. Documentation of those with symptoms is ongoing.
CCAC Executive Officers
CCAC has an elected governing board, elected yearly. 2005 Executive Officers are:
  • President: Denise Johnson-Kula, Menlo Park.
  • Vice-President: Linda Corwin, Pacifica (also chair of Pacifica CCAC)
  • Secretary: Lillian Lieberman, Palo Alto
  • Treasurer: Bruce Dronek, San Jose

CCAC Board of Directors
CCAC Board of Directors. Clockwise around table: Jacqueline Kehl (foreground), Secretary Lillian Lieberman, Rita Solk, President Denise Johnson-Kula (middle), Treasurer Bruce Dronek, Kory Trebbin, Vice-President Linda Corwin.
CCAC as an Incorporated Non-profit Organization
CCAC is an incorporated non-profit organization. It is a non-partisan group working with those who are concerned about chloramine in the water supply and its harmful effects to humans and the environment. CCAC became a nonprofit organization on May 30, 2005 and was incorporated on July 14, 2005.
Goals of CCAC
CCAC's ultimate goal is to have chloramine removed from the water supply and a safer and tested disinfectant added. Until this is accomplished, those suffering the health effects caused by chloramine should be provided the appropriate filtration systems to alleviate their problems. CCAC recommends prefiltration of organic matter from the water before disinfection so that chlorine can be used as the disinfectant. CCAC would like a moratorium on the use of chloramine until such time as the dermal and the respiratory and digestive studies have been done and the cancer studies completed.  
Mission Statement
Citizens Concerned About Chloramine (CCAC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise the public's level of awareness about chloramine and its health effects when used as a disinfectant in the water.

CCAC endeavors to pursue and support scientific studies that will explore the effects of chloramine on humans, animals and the environment.

Finally, CCAC is committed to support legislation to protect the quality of water for all.